I am a writer and academic, who has taught at universities in Ireland, Britain and Belarus, specialising in a range of interdisciplinary humanities, most particularly:

·    Religious Futurisms

·     The Linguistics of Invented Languages

·     Speculative Geographies and Cartographies

·     Dystopias and Climate Fiction

·     Late Modernism, especially the work of Anthony Burgess

I have taught Anglophone literature from Anglo-Saxon to the present, media theory and practical journalism modules for undergraduates, creative writing for postgraduates, English language for non-native learners, and supervised doctoral students in literature.

I am also a former national newspaper reporter with extensive experience in the areas of politics, health, and international sport. I was on staff at the Irish Mail on Sunday, the Irish Sunday Mirror, the Sunday Independent and the Evening Herald, and have written for the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian, among many other publications. I’ve also extensively appeared on the BBC and other broadcasters.

I am the author of two monographs and dozens of peer-reviewed academic articles. Some of them have even been cited. I have also published a novel, and my fiction has been published by Heinemann and Minerva, among others.

I am also an experienced host of whiskey tastings, whiskey and food pairings, whiskey dinners, and Burns Nights, as well as a whiskey journalist and historian, and I helped to found the Irish Whiskey Society. I’ve consulted on a number of whiskey projects, and am interested in the history and future of Irish whiskey, especially potstill, Islay Scotch, Kentucky bourbon and world whiskies generally.

Previously, I have been a roulette croupier, a barman in a lesbian pub, the Olympics correspondent for the Morning Star newspaper, a winebar sommelier, a roofer, a film critic, maître d’ of a Creole restaurant, and a member of the Guinness quality control taste panel at St James’s Gate brewery. Among other things.

If there’s anything I can help you with, get in touch.